The Curriculum

At Sanghmitra we use combination of the traditional chalk and talk method and blend it with the latest technology. We impart education to the children which emphasizes not upon what to learn but also how to learn.

For the smaller children we firmly believe that learning through play way activities is the most effective way to teach them and prepare them for primary school. In order to facilitate this. we have adopted the Montessori method of teaching in our elementary school.

For our primary students we are following the curriculum set out by the CBSE. Activities such as singing. dancing. dramatics and art are also integrated into the curriculum to enhance well balanced growth and development.


All students are to abide strictly by the discipline and routine of the school at all times laid down by the school authorities. Breach of discipline will entail expulsion from the school. Parents are expected to abide strictly by the School to conduct.  Any breach or misbehavior on their part, will be dealt strictly it may lead to expulsion of their ward from the school. If any student is expelled from the school for disciplinary reasons. the entire fee paid during the year. shall be forfeited irrespective of the date of such expulsion.

Extra Curricular activities

All students at SPS are encouraged to take part in a number of extra-curricular activates, held time to time. From Adventure Camps to Sports Events…. Cultural Programs to Art &Crafts Students enjoy every single moment of indulgence into these highly interesting activities.


Hymnology under disciplinarian vigil will be started in couplets or prayer. Students will be encouraged to talk current and traditional topics after a panegyric pledge. Daily news, Thoughts, G.K. quest will be conducted by students class wise in turn in the assembly year round to make them confident enough for the challenging world.