Our Values

Our Vision

The quest of knowledge is as the history of mankind. Ever since the cave-dwelling man discovered fire his thirst for knowing more has been a flame. Not only has he been a learner. he has also been the tutor for his progeny and his decedents. History tells us about numerous such teachers who left an indelible footprint on its pages. One such teacher was Sanghmitra.

Our Mission

Sanghmitra Public School nurtures and supplements the central idea given in the quote. today’s students need to be imparted equilibrium of modern gadgetry and glorious heritage. materialistic glare need to be devoid of their vision.

Core Beliefs

It entirely depends on “How you think and what you choose” that will serve your progress. Else. it isn’t intelligent living You have a choice and that’s the greatest power bestowed upon you. Here a learning environment is created with a paradigm shift from teacher oriented to child centered pedagogy.

Pupil Care

To justify our moto “Shradhawan Labhte gyanam” our dedicated staff and support personnel are committed to provide our students many opportunities with high expectations in order to fulfill academic and social growth of each child associated with us.